Tournament Rules


We greet you in the Big Race for the Victory. It is a chance for everyone to get higher in ranking table and earn some money! Yes, you will be able to win the Race and get awarded with some amount of money. Thus, the first place will get 300$, second – 200$ and the third – 100$.

Here the rules and requirements that a participant should know and follow:

- You must have an account on Facebook.
- You should share at least 5 quiz with your friends (Facebook or Twitter).
- You should invite at least 3 friends to SocioQuiz Club.
- You should pass at least 10 quiz.
- Do not cheat, such as 2-3 accounts on Facebook and passing the quiz endless of times; otherwise you will be banned.
- You must have a PayPal account. If you don't, you should create one.

These were the main rules and requirements. For every passed quiz you will get 300 coins. The winners will be claimed at the end of the Race, basing on the amount of coins every participant collected. Remember that the more efficient you pass the quizzes, the more chances you have to win the Race.